Samstag, 1. März 2014

Sean Strange - Street Urchin' (2010) N.Y. 320 kBit/s

01.  Repulsive Enjoyment
02.  More Urchin' 4 Your Dollar
03.  Future Legend (Pay Homage)
04.  The Sinister Sicks (feat. Sabac, Exlib, Q Unique, Odoub & PMD)
05.  Foul Child
06.  Walk The Line
07.  Bang Out (feat. Smoothe The Hustler, Stress & Scott G)
08.  Victim Of The Street Pt. 1
09.  Whatever It Take (Skit)
10.  Back At It Again
11.  Diabolical Decibles (feat. Exlib, Meth Mouth & Nems)
12.  The Devils Shadow
13.  Physical Education (feat. N.O. The God & Jacyn Joseph)
14.  The Street Urchin'
15.  The Pain (Mary McDonnell) (feat. Stress)
16.  Victim Of The Street Pt. 2
17.  C.P.R. (feat. N.O. The God, Odoub, Scott G, Scheme, Mark Menace, El Toro, Meth Mouth Crooks Green)
18.  Forever Live
19.  The New Blood (feat. No Good Poeple)
20.  Heat 'Em Up (feat. R2O & Bundy)

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